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About us

Business professionals for 3 generations.

About us

Professionals from 3 generations.

Giovanni Groff and his family run with passion "Al Marinaio" multifunctional complex in the heart of Trentino. Modern building in the architecture and construction solutions (from electro-magnetic isolation, the use of titanium-zinc flakes for topping) is positioned just minutes from downtown storicio A22 exit Trento. It is among these listings that is proudly hosted in Trento of A.N.M.I. The National Association of Sailors Italy reminding the origins and mission of this company.


Luigi Groff, born in 1919, embarked from 1939 to 1945 on the "Littorio" battle ship of the “Regia Marina“, the naval fleet of the Kingdom of Italy

He's the real SAILOR.

Over that experience of life,Luigi returns back to Trento. And thanks to his initiative, in the name of a bar-Bar open 24 hour groceries Groff (until the advent of Austerity in 1976). The next commercial space, taking the name "AL MARINAIO" in his honor, has been operational since 1974 to 2008.
In the 2009 inauguration of the new "Al MARINAIO". And it is on the trail of the founder who returns to offer, first in Trentino, a service of bar-pasticceria opened h24. The years pass but the passion and commitment are unchanged and as a beacon trace the route of this story.

Association of Italian Mariners - Headquarters in Trento

The Association, apolitical and non-profit making, is the free union of those who belonged or belonged without distinction of rank to the Navy and who, aware of their duties towards the Homeland, intend to remain united in order to better serve it at all times .